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FWJ student Hauke Plate is examining coating samples under the microscope. (Photo: LZH)

LZH/PZH | Gaining insights into the professional life of engineers and physicists, and making contacts to institutes at an early stage - the Voluntary Scientific Year (FWJ) at the Laser Zentrum Hannover e.V. (LZH) and the Hannover Centre for Production Technology (PZH) offers these opportunities.

Hauke Plate is one of seven A-level students who have begun their Voluntary Scientific Year (FWJ) at the LZH this autumn. Afterwards, he wants to study a technical subject - but he doesn't yet know which one. He hopes first practical experience should make the decision easier.

The FWJ is an offer for A-level students who want to get a taste of STEM subjects. For six to twelve months they accompany a research project at the university or at an institute. Four FWJ students have started at the PZH this year, at the Institute of Materials Science (IW) and the Institute of Production Engineering and Machine Tools (IFW). The IFW is offering A-level students this opportunity for the fourth time, the LZH for the fifth - and some of the former FWJ students have returned as student assistants already. "Most of the participants start to study mechanical or electrical engineering after their voluntary year," says Jan Brüning from the IFW. Supporting young research talents pays off indeed.

by Patricia Fischer and Julia Förster

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  • FWJ student Hauke Plate is examining coating samples under the microscope. (Photo: LZH)
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