IFA learning factory: specific utilisation of real-time data

Workshop participants try out technologies presented during the workshop. (Photo: Leonard Menzel)

IFA | Practical experience: The workshop on production controlling organised by IFA shows the potential of data-based, real-time evaluations and intelligent support systems for an improved production logistics in companies.

For data recording, data evaluation and specific production logistics support, IFA has developed an integrated data concept and implemented it into the IFA learning factory. Feedback production data are gathered using RFID technology. This way, the researchers could increase data quantity as well as quality enormously. The result: an efficient production controlling. To provide specific support for shop-floor processes, the researchers have also implemented electronic shelf labels (ESLs) which are attached to the circulating load carriers and provide appropriate information. In addition, a traffic light rating system helps the logistics specialists to work off the transport jobs. All technologies have been implemented so as to facilitate an easy adaptation of the solutions provided. Interested persons can participate in the free-of-charge workshop on production controlling offered by IFA within the scope of the 'Mittelstand 4.0 centres of excellence' "Mit uns digital!".

by Alexander Mütze

Image gallery for this article

  • Workshop participants try out technologies presented during the workshop. (Photo: Leonard Menzel)
  • Live evaluations, electronic shelf labels and RFID technology implemented in IFA learning factory. (Photo: Leonard Menzel)
  • IFA learning factory maps component production close to reality (Photo: IFA)
  • Real-time throughput diagrams visualise actual state of work systems. (Diagram: IFA)
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