Micro dimples for friction reduction in heavy-duty diesel engines

Cylinder liner with machined micro dimples. (Photo: IFW)

IFW, ITV | To increase the efficiency of combustion engines, researchers of IFW and ITV are doing research on how to reduce friction losses in engines. For this purpose, they are machining micro dimples in cylinder liners to investigate their friction-reducing properties.

In Germany, about twelve percent of the CO2 emissions are produced by the transport sector. One reason is the low efficiency of under 40 percent of combustion engines which is caused by internal thermal and mechanical losses. About 50 percent of the mechanical losses in a combustion engine are due to friction between the cylinder liner and the piston with its piston rings.

Within the scope of a research project, the Institute of Production Engineering and Machine Tools (IFW) and the Institute for Technical Combustion (ITV) of Universität Hannover are developing production strategies to reduce friction in heavy-duty diesel engines.

by Christopher Schmidt

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  • Cylinder liner with machined micro dimples. (Photo: IFW)
  • Reduced friction thanks to micro dimples in cylinder liners. (Photo: IFW)
  • Micro structuring by turn-milling process. (Photo: IFW)
  • Crankshaft angle dependent friction tests on a fired engine. (Photo: IFW)
  • Microstructures are produced by rotary milling. (Photo: IFW)
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