Auto-adaptive minimization of transfer vibrations in multi-stage presses

Servo-electrically driven press with incorporated transfer System. (Photo: IFUM)

IFUM | Undesirable vibrations can be generated by the transfer systems used for the fully automated component transfer between several subsequent forming processes. For this reason, researchers at IFUM are developing a system that minimizes the vibrations occurring during transport, thus increasing the productivity of the forming systems.

Within the scope of a research project, the researchers of the Institute of Forming Technology and Machines (IFUM) are currently developing a new method that optimizes the transfer kinematics depending on the particular vibration behaviour. Compared to existing approaches, the innovation is to apply a self-learning optimization algorithm without the need for detailed information on the system to be optimized.

by Stefan Fries and Thang Nguyen

Image gallery for this article

  • Servo-electrically driven press with incorporated transfer System. (Photo: IFUM)
  • Transfer press with exemplary sequence of stages. (Figure: IFUM)
  • 3D model of a transfer System. (Figure: IFUM)
  • Transfer beam including sensors. (Photo: IFUM)
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