Daniel Kampen wins IPH Future Award

Professor Behrens presents the winner Daniel Kampen with certificate and prize money.

IPH | The Institut für Integrierte Produktion Hannover awarded the first IPH Future Award. The prize was given to Daniel Kampen for his bachelor thesis on evolutionary algorithms. His findings help forging industry to save material and time.

How can cross wedge rolled preforms for component parts be optimized to keep material waste during forging as low as possible? Daniel Kampen already focused on this question during his internship at IPH. The 22-year old student developed a software programme which handles the normally very time-consuming process done by design engineers in less than one minute.

Kampen received the first IPH Future Award, endowed with €500, for his bachelor thesis entitled “Analyse und Bewertung eines evolutionären Algorithmus zur Vorformoptimierung von Schmiedebauteilen“ (literally translated as “Analysis and evaluation of an evolutionary algorithm for preform optimization of forging parts”).

In his work, Kampen compared the results of his algorithm with manually designed preforms. The result: The software programme is much faster and more precise than humans. In preforms designed with the algorithm, burr formation is reduced which in turn reduces the amount of steel required during forging.

by Judith Kebbe

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  • Professor Behrens presents the winner Daniel Kampen with certificate and prize money.

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  • The simulation in the video clip shows: The algorithm developed by Daniel Kampen automatically creates the optimal preform for an elongated forging part.
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