A-levels completed and now off to research: FWJ at LZH and PZH

Nushin Pashaei and Antje Burckhardt have not yet decided about their field of study. (Photo: Schaarschmidt)

LZH/PZH | What is it like to work in a laboratory? How is the daily life of physicists and engineers? A-level students can find answers to these questions during the Voluntary Scientific Year (FWJ) in research centers in Hannover.

To create a basis for deciding about the field of study, or to benefit from practical experience already at the beginning of studies - these are two reasons to apply for a Voluntary Scientific Year. This year, too, five young men and two young women opted to go for a voluntary orientation year at the Laser Zentrum Hannover e.V. (LZH), combined with a study taster. Currently, four young people are serving their FWJ at the Produktionstechnisches Zentrum Hannover (PZH).

Among the young female scientists are Nushin Pashaei Fathri and Antje Burckhardt. Both are interested in the STEM disciplines (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics), but have not yet decided for a particular field of study. The time at the LZH shall bring clarity.

Before the graduates start working on their research projects for the coming months, they go through a joint introduction. Here they learn, among other things, scientific working, soldering and brazing as well as using the LabVIEW development environment. "The young people are incredibly good and highly motivated," says Dr. Marco Jupé, the main contact person for the voluntary scientists at the LZH.

by Pamela Klages

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  • Nushin Pashaei and Antje Burckhardt have not yet decided about their field of study. (Photo: Schaarschmidt)
  • Seven A-level students are carrying out their FWJ at the LZH this year. (Photo: Schaarschmidt)
  • Dr. Marco Jupé (center) is the main contact person for the young researchers in the LZH.(Photo: Schaarschmidt).
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