Respect performance fluctuations, improve product quality

Human productivity varies in the course of the day. (Photo: Vertigo Signs -

IPH | One research topic of the Institut für Integrierte Produktion Hannover (IPH) is the avoidance of worker overload in production during job shop scheduling to eliminate production errors, improve product quality and reduce cost.

Highly concentrated in the morning, performance slump in the afternoon: Human productivity varies during the day. To solve this problem, IPH researchers are developing a job shop scheduling method which considers such performance fluctuations.

They are developing an algorithm which allows production planning based on performance curves. Workers should deal with complex jobs when they are concentrated and wide awake – and with simple jobs during their performance slump. The researchers assume that companies will be able to improve the quality of their products with such job shop scheduling. Moreover, they can save time and money, since they produce less degraded material which also keeps rework low.

The researchers have realized their quality-oriented job shop scheduling approach using a hybrid genetic algorithm. The JAVA application is usable on almost every computer – a special software programme is not required. 

by Henrik Prinzhorn

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  • Human productivity varies in the course of the day. (Photo: Vertigo Signs -
  • The trade-off: Shall we reduce waiting times or make use of performance peaks? (Photo: IPH)
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