Innovative method for the production of grinding wheels

High-resolution display of finest, sharp-edged particles. (Photo: IMPT)

IMPT | Micro structures have a lot of advantages, but their creation is a complex process. This has motivated IMPT and IFW to develop a method for the manufacture of high-precision micro grinding tools with a flexible bond matrix: one process for two types of grinding wheels.

The Institute of Micro Production Technology (IMPT) and the Institute of Production Engineering and Machine Tools (IFW) are presently developing a novel process for the production of two types of grinding wheels for both surface grinding (ultra-precision machining) and peripheral grinding (micro structuring). As to peripheral grinding tools employed in micro structuring, the new manufacturing method makes time-consuming profiling processes during manufacturing and complex dressing processes during machining - associated with expensive tools - redundant. With respect to surface grinding tools for ultra-precision machining, labour-intensive conditioning processes become a thing of the past. During the production process, the researchers are also able to introduce abrasive grains in a controlled manner, thus allowing the creation of tailored structures.

by Esmail Asadi

Image gallery for this article

  • High-resolution display of finest, sharp-edged particles. (Photo: IMPT)
  • Micrometre-thin: With the new method, the researchers are able to produce four-layer (SiC) grinding wheels. (Photo: IMPT)
  • Thin-film technology: The researchers have developed a new method that allows a high-precision production of grinding wheels. (Graphic: IMPT)
  • Controlled bonding of particles thanks to the novel production solution. (Photo: IMPT)
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