Trade fairs in June: The LZH at the IdeenExpo and LASER fair

Be it physics, biomedicine or engineering – the fields of work at the LZH are diverse. (Photo: LZH)

LZH | For the LZH, June 2019 is all about the IdeenExpo (Hannover, 15 to 23 June) and the LASER fair (Munich, 24 to 27 June). At the IdeenExpo, lasers will be melting moondust. Afterwards, at the LASER fair, the LZH will be showing, among others, a laser processing head for internal cylindrical structures.

Every two years, the IdeenExpo (15 to 23 June 2019) is taking place in Hannover. Companies, universities, schools and research institutes are exhibiting there - including the LZH.

This year, the LZH will be presenting a lunar landscape in hall 9 on stand PK 11, where fine moondust serves as manufacturing material for a “village on the moon" – provided the visitors manage to steer the rover with the laser into the finish. More information is available at (in German language only).

At the LASER World of Photonics in Munich (June 24 to 27, 2019), in hall A3 on stand 206, the LZH will be showcasing, among other things, customized laser processing heads as well as additively and subtractively manufactured components.

How wide-ranging the application fields of laser technology are is illustrated by a bomb from World War II. Unexploded bombs can be defused much safer by notching the casing with a laser first and then triggering the deflagration. For information about the LASER fair, please see 

by Silke Kramprich

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  • Be it physics, biomedicine or engineering – the fields of work at the LZH are diverse. (Photo: LZH)
  • Cutting multi-layer structures made of different materials - with the mobile laser rescue system. (Photo: LZH)
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