Innovation requires courage — and girls!

Discover computer science: On the 19th November 2018, girls can program robots. (Photo: China Hopson)

IMPT | Discovering and experiencing technology: This is the topic of the experience day “Mädchen und Technik – MuT” (meaning Tech needs Girls). On 19 November 2018, schoolgirls from 13 years and older will have the opportunity to discover STEM subjects at the PZH in Garbsen. The online registration process has started already.

Mädchen und Technik (MuT) is a girls-only workshop hosted by the Hannover Centre for Production Technology (PZH) of Leibniz Universität Hannover. The event gives about 120 girls and young women the opportunity to discover or fuel their passion for science, technology, engineering and mathematics in real test fields. The young researchers can explore a modern laboratory, build a macro lens for mobile cameras or learn how to create a computer game.

As of September, the whole programme including an overview of all projects will be available on the website. Please register online and choose your desired project. You may also download a form for exemption from school. This event is also a training measure for teachers. In the teachers' lounge, you will have the chance to exchange your experiences with other colleagues.

by Selina Raumel

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  • Discover computer science: On the 19th November 2018, girls can program robots. (Photo: China Hopson)
  • Discover technology: Of course, girls can also weld - here, for example, the steel horse of Lower Saxony. (Photo: China Hopson)
  • Discover the PZH: A day at the Hanover Production Technology Centre is a lot of fun for everyone involved. (Photo: China Hopson)
  • Engineer, construct, discover: At „Mädchen und Technik“-day the PZH opens its doors - for girls only. (Sorce: PZH)
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