Factories in times of Corona: GREAN builds platform

Factories in times of Corona: GREAN offers support. (Photo: GREAN GmbH, mockup created with https://mockerie.io/)

PZH | GREAN is establishing a central point of contact for production companies. There, managing directors and production managers will find information on how to organise their production "Corona-ready". Furthermore, weekly exchange rounds are offered.

Since the corona virus has been rampant in Germany, Europe and the world, nothing is the same anymore. Public life has almost come to a standstill. In addition to the human destinies associated with Corona, the virus also has serious consequences in the economy - and especially in production. Factories stand still, whole supply chains collapse. We are heading for a deep recession.

How can production companies be supported sensibly during this period? A physical visit by experts who could provide advice is not possible at present. In the beginning it was just an idea on a whim," recalls Dr. Tobias Heinen, the managing director. "But then we understood that we could make a contribution with our internet portal to get through the crisis better together".

So the idea was born to talk regularly with company representatives about the measures they are taking to redesign and reorganise their production in times of Corona, and to publish these tips at https://grean.de/corona. "We have supplemented this list with our own research," says Heinen. "In the meantime, various rounds have taken place with more than 50 production companies and the list is constantly being updated." New participants are also welcome at the weekly exchange rounds: Those responsible for production can register for them at heinen@grean.de.

This will enable production managers to find out how they can steer their factory through the crisis as efficiently as possible. There is a whole series of guiding principles and concrete design guidelines that show how a factory must now be organised and redesigned in order to go safely through the times of Corona.

"In the current situation, we also notice that the measures under discussion are constantly changing," says Heinen. "At the beginning, for example, we talked a lot with the company representatives about how a production operation has to be reorganized operationally. In the meantime, we are talking more about effects such as the breakdown of supply chains."

GREAN plans to keep the list of measures for the crisis period constantly up to date in order to offer help to those responsible for production.

by Tim Busse

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  • Factories in times of Corona: GREAN offers support. (Photo: GREAN GmbH, mockup created with https://mockerie.io/)
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