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IEEM Conference: Outstanding Paper Award goes to Dominik Melcher

IPH | Excellent conference contribution: IPH employee Dominik Melcher received an Outstanding Paper Award at IEEM 2020. His paper is about capturing factory layouts using an automated flying drone.


3 years Lower Saxony ADDITIV – a summary

LZH/IPH | How can additive process chains be automated and print quality monitored? How is a component made of metal and plastic created in multi-material printing? Scientists from Lower Saxony ADDITIV have been researching this and more in the past three years.


Nickel-based superalloys: In detail and in 3D

IW | Nickel-based superalloys are typical high-temperature materials and often used for turbine blades in jet engines. The Institute of Materials Science (IW) is investigating the microstructure of these materials and its changes under stress.


Holistic configuration of production planning and control

IFA | How to configure production planning and control (PPC) holistically? This is what scientists from Hanover and Lüneburg are investigating. They are analysing interactions between PPC tasks and processes and integrating them into the Hanoverian Supply Chain Model (HaSupMo).


Autonomous deburring of structural components

IFW | Project AdaPES has started: In cooperation with the software company SWMS, IFW is researching the process planning of deburring processes of milled components based on optical edge detection in order to reduce costs, complexity and processing time considerably.

Smart minds

The IPH Future Award 2020 goes to Viktor Schell

IPH | How can Automated Guided Vehicles (AGV) be controlled with gestures only? Viktor Schell dealt with this question at the end of his mechanical engineering studies. He received the IPH Future Award 2020 for his master thesis.


Additive manufacturing of rubber components

ITA/DIK | Researchers from Hannover are developing a new 3D-printing process: Additive Manufacturing of Elastomers (AME). With rubber, they are opening up a completely new group of materials for additive manufacturing and creating an economical way of manufacturing spare parts.

Here & now

MIC 2020: Aviation conference takes place online

IFW | New Strategies for the Aerospace Industry is the topic of the "Machining Innovations Conference for Aerospace Industry" (MIC) on December 2, 2020. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the conference will be held online.


3D-printed forging dies with integrated cooling

IFUM | Manufacturing hot forming tools with integrated cooling channels from highly wear-resistant material and thus increasing the tool life – this is the goal being pursued by scientists from Hanover and Remscheid in a joint project.


Orienting with air: Aerodynamic feeding technology

match/IFA | Not a feeding technology like any other: The aerodynamic feeding technology enables fast and reliable feeding of a large number of components – without manual retooling. Scientists from match and IFA make the "Aero" fit for the future.


Economic production of hybrid components made of metal and FRP

IFUM/match | Hybrid components can be produced in 30-second cycles. This is made possible by an isothermal tool concept with automated handling technology, which is being developed by scientists at IFUM and match in the research project "Load-compatible FRP/metal composites".

Smart minds

3D printing know-how for trainees and design engineers

LZH | The design engineering of 3D-printed parts requires employees to rethink and acquire additional expertise. Since 2018, there has even been a specially tailored offer for trainees: the additional qualification for additive manufacturing processes.

Smart minds

An ecosystem for intelligent production

IFW | Using Artificial Intelligence in production faster and easier: That is the vision of IIP-Ecosphere. Per Schreiber, research associate at the Institute of Production Engineering and Machine Tools (IFW), is responsible for coordinating this multifaceted project.


Efficient structuring of cylinder surfaces

LZH | Cylinder surfaces of lightweight engines must be lined with a wear-resistant coating to make them durable. With the new generation of the LZH's Laser Internal Machining Head (IBK), the surfaces are efficiently prepared for this.


Investigation of wear in an oxygen-free atmosphere

IMPT | How does it affect friction and wear when production processes run without oxygen? This is what scientists at the Institute of Micro Production Technology (IMPT) are investigating in the Collaborative Research Centre 1368 "Oxygen-free production".

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