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Smart minds

Johanna Uhe – new CRC managing director

IFUM | Since the beginning of 2017, Johanna Uhe belongs to the management of the Collaborative Research Centre (CRC) 1153. The 28-year old is responsible for the coordination of 14 subprojects on “Tailored Forming“, meaning the manufacture of tailored hybrid high-performance components.


Joining metal and textiles without adhesives

LZH | Today, metal-textile hybrid materials are being used in many different areas. At the moment, however, these materials are relatively expensive and not always available in a sufficient quantity. In order to optimize metal-textile hybrid materials for widespread industrial use, the LZH is currently working on an adhesive-free process.

Smart minds

Best Paper Award for IPH scientist Sarah Uttendorf

IPH | Artificial intelligence with human logic: This is how to put the research results in a nutshell, making Sarah Uttendorf win the Best Paper Award at IEEM 2016. She developed a path planning algorithm for automated guided vehicles.


Layout evaluation software makes your factory more efficient

IPH | Researchers at the Institut für Integrierte Produktion Hannover (IPH) have developed a software programme for an objective evaluation of factory layouts. With this tool, you can select your optimum layout numerically instead of following your gut instincts.

Smart minds

Hands-on STEM career: Niedersachsen-Technikum

LZH | Making technical professions interesting for young women: This is the goal of the Niedersachsen Technikum (Lower Saxony Technical Studies), in which over 400 young women have participated since its initiation in 2012. At the Laser Zentrum Hannover e.V. (LZH), they could take a look at science in action.

Here & now

Forming Colloquium Hannover in mid-March

IFUM | On the occasion of the 22nd Forming Colloquium Hannover (Umformtechnisches Kolloquium Hannover, UKH), specialists from fields related to research, production and management will meet on 15 and 16 March 2017 under the motto “Innovation Potential in Forming Technology“ to discuss recent developments and future challenges related to forming technology.


Industry 4.0: Tailored strategies for every company

IFA | Implementing Industry 4.0 into their production helps SMEs to improve their efficiency – when selecting those methods and technologies which suit their company’s needs best. This approach is supported by researchers of IFA and wbk.


New technology for high-sensitive fire detectors

IMPT | Researchers of the Institute of Micro Production Technology (IMPT) of Leibniz Universität Hannover made a contribution to improve public security with the development of a micro-electron source for high-sensitive fire detectors.


Space-saving assembly of XXL products thanks to dynamic layouts

IPH | Whether aircraft, ships or construction machines: The assembly of so-called XXL products requires a lot of space. Researchers at IPH are currently developing a method which enables companies to find an ideal layout. By this means, they can save space and increase their productivity.


Concrete from robots

match | In future, manufacturing of concrete structures will be possible in any shape – thanks to robot-assisted concrete spraying technology. Researchers from Hanover, Brunswick and Clausthal are jointly working on the new technology – with virtually no design limits.


Linear direct drives for belt conveyors

A novel drive concept for belt conveyors is under development at ITA in cooperation with IAL. Linear direct drives shall facilitate longer conveying distances and higher mass flows – with decreasing belt stress and tension as well as energy demand.


Transplantation of thermally sprayed coatings

IW | Coatings protect components against wear, heat and corrosion. However, coating of very small inner diameters has not been possible so far. Researchers at the Institute of Materials Science (IW) are working on a solution – the transplantation of thermally sprayed coatings.

Smart minds

PZH start-up develops mobile machine tool

IFW | A machine tool of manageable size, mobile and precise, capable of holding on to a component and advancing on it: This idea of engineers of the Hannover Centre of Production Technology (PZH) was honoured with the EXIST Business Start-up Grant. Completion of the prototype is scheduled for the beginning of 2017.

Smart minds

Tailor-made light: EXIST funding for LZH researchers

LZH | From a research project to a start-up company: The project OptoKomp of the Laser Zentrum Hannover e.V. (LZH) receives funding from the EXIST research transfer. Therewith, the team plans to found a start-up company that manufactures compact, glass-fiber based components for cutting-edge laser systems.

Smart minds

Benjamin Küster wins Excellence Award

IPH | The IPH employee Benjamin Küster won the first prize of the Jungheinrich Excellence Awards for his master thesis. The aim of his work was to develop a gesture recognition system for gesture control of automated guided vehicles (AGV).

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